Friday, August 26, 2011

Kels and Matt

On Wed night, we celebrated Kelsi and Matt, and
the merging of 2 countries!!!
It was the greatest party ever! So many family
members and friends came to celebrate!

Jim was in charge of music, and he had a very
formal British royal march for Kels and Matt's
first dance together...pretty funny

Kelsi and Roy, one of our sweetest
patrons at the cafe! He had some
smooth dance moves!
A bunch of ladies!

Kelsi had better watch out for Maggie!
She was out to steal Matt away!

Me and Jimmy

My girls will learn to dance at an early age!

We all gladly welcome Matt to our family!

I actually didn't hold my babies very much.
Lots of willing baby holders!
I couldn't be happier for my sister!
She has met her match in Matt and I
can't imagine giving her away to anyone else.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Before our beach trip, we stopped in at
Corvallis to visit the other set of grandparents!
The girls loved this little contraption Glenda picked up

Both girls are getting round!! Little Evie, hanging out

Grandma Glenda loved seeing the girls!

Their cousin Wesley was such a big help!

And on to the beach!! We got to spend the week
at Bella Beach with my family.  My brother Tristan
and his wife Jackie came from Florida.  This is their
little girl Fiona, who's 11 months!

Fiona loved her little cousins, and was
really good about being gentle!

We got these cool packs from Heather and Jeff
for the girls.  It was perfect for Fiona's size
but Annabelle was just a little too small:)

Kelsi's guy Matt came from England.
We soon found out that Annabelle is his
miniature double!

Right down to the same hair!

Lots of people to hold babies!
Annabelle loves her grandma Kiki

Evelyn hanging with Dad

We found matching sailor outfits for all 3 girls

Fiona's outfit fit a little better than the girls'

It seems like we have a lot of pictures of
Annabelle staring up at her daddy!

Oh hey Dad!

My little dolls:) They look more alike
when you can't see their hair!

It was so nice having Tristan and Jackie here!

More matching outfits!

The happy couple!
Oh by the way.....these 2 got engaged this week!!!!!!

Mom and Dad and little Fiona legs

I did not get enough time with my adorable little niece!

Plenty of napping with babies! My sweet little Evelyn!

Here's the gang!

We had wonderful weather the whole trip!
Couldn't ask for anything better at the Oregon coast!