Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Time

Hello world! Sorry for the major gap in 
posts.  I think once the girls reached a year,
I didn't have the self-imposed pressure of
blogging on their monthly updates but I
promise to do better!

They are officially into EVERYTHING!!

Miss Evelyn is usually the pioneer when it
comes to discovering something for the first
time and Annabelle is always her partner in crime!

Despite the craziness, this has been the most
fun stage to date! So much discovery and
development happening in their tiny little brains!
They have been such joyful little ladies
The girls love playing together, which
makes life easier on me!

This is often what it looks like after a full
day of playing!

Here are some pictures from the Heidrick's
recent visit.  We had such a great time!
The boys started it off with some golf
at Aspen Lakes

What a perfect day

Cousins getting into trouble together!
Jim was on baby duty while Heather and
I got dinner ready

We all decided to rent one of these surreys
and it actually fit all 9 of us!! We got a lot
of attention wheeling around Bend with
3 babies in our front basket.  Don't worry,
they were strapped in!
And this is how people with triplets do it!

Many of our evenings are spent with my parents.
The girls love their Poppy, who patiently reads
long children's books to them! They actually
sat still for a surprising amount of time!

I apologize for the randomness of this blog, but
I had a lot to catch up on.  I will leave you with a
video.  The girls have been walking for a while now
but they're really starting to master it! Hope you enjoy!


Grant, Amy, and Caleb said...

So much fun! Darling girls!