Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cabo 2008!

So, we got back a few days ago, but here are some pictures
from our couples trip to Cabo. We went with our friends
Phil and Jenna to an all inclusive resort and it was
I realize that this is a bad picture to start with but we had
just gotten off the plane so it is appropriate....we're outside our
room, which was awesome and I forgot to document it.
See Jenna's blog for a more detailed account.
Jenna and I on our first can see the main
resort square in the background where they had all
the entertainment
You're in Mexico so you have to at least try a little tequila
but Jenna had the hardest time, even with the Mexican
guys in the back singing "Tequila"
Overlooking the beautiful ocean

So, this is coming across as a Jenna and Breanne couples
trip but I swear the boys were there too:)
Once again....girls!

There's the husband!
So serious
Night out....the restaurants require formal
attire, which is fun for us and not so fun for the boys!
Turns out, the girls dressed alike and so did the guys and it
was completely unplanned......cute right?

Look at it....even down to the white linen pants!

Oh yeah, we girls wore ridiculously big, fake rocks to
try and pull off the rich snob thing.....turns out Jenna's
way better at it than I am.
She got called J-Lo on multiple occasions.
All I can say is check out the guy in the background:)

We walked along the beach to the town of Cabo
and only had to refuse 8,000 street peddlers
along the way
It was a really rough trip
This is at the Giggly Marlin where they hang you
upside down like a fish and take your picture.
Jenna was the most daring and she was wearing a skirt
Jenna, you so crazy! Awwww
El Squid Roe had what we thought was one drink
and was actually a giant drink dispenser.

We made some friends with the locals!

Especially Phil

One of the entertainers at our resort had a major
crush on Jim.....I mea check out that body language!

Jenna and Jim gettin their groove on while Phil and I
watched rather lamely
Good form babe!

Enjoying our last day before we had to hop on a plane home
The trip was a blast....lots more pictures and stories which
I'll probably post later.
One of which includes Jim catching an 80 pound marlin
and watching an old fisherman bludgen it to death!