Friday, August 29, 2008

So much, and yet, so little going on

So, I'm not really good at posting pictureless blogs....I like for things to be visually intriguing for you guys, but the flash on my camera is temporarily out of service, which means I can't document the many things that are going on. Hopefully my words will be sufficient for now.

We got a new house!!! We've been in a cute (but very tiny) apartment since we got married and it was impossible to store everything in it. We had to get a storage unit and still had no room for anything. Who doesn' t put closets in their house? Anyway, our new house is a 2 bedroom Pahlisch house in Redmond and it comes with community pool use so for those of you who wanted to visit us before but didn't because we didn't have a 2nd bedroom and you would have had to sleep on our airmattress in the living room, you are welcome to come sleep in a real bed in your own room and swim in our pool!
I will get pictures of the place up as soon as I can. I love it!

I finally broke down and told Jim he could get cable. With that, he also got to buy a nice plasma TV. I'm really weird about TV. I didn't have one growing up and while many might see that as strange, you're forced to find other ways to entertain yourself, which in my opinion, is a good thing. Anywho, I do love to watch Beaver football (no comment on last night's game) and some other major shows (The Office, Lost etc.) so I will be happy to have the cable too as long as I have the discipline to veg all day long.

Jim, after being gone for the entire month of August, was home for 2 days (thankfully to help me move) and now he's off again for another 6 to bow hunt with Phil, Jesse and Mitch in the Steens. I told him if he doesn't bring back some meat, he shouldn't bother coming home! Watch, he'll shoot a bear and I won't know what to do with it!

It's Friday and Labor Day weekend, which means 3 days off!!! I'm heading out to Camp Sherman for the weekend where I will be relaxing on the river, feeding the chipmunks and deer and thinking about how awesome life is.

Hope you all have a wonderfully long weekend!

Friday, August 22, 2008


After 3 long weeks, my hubby is coming home!
I'm working a half day and heading over to
Corvallis, where he still has a couple days of
training.....they can't just release them after
being gone this long. He has a full day today,
gets to come home at night, goes back on
Saturday and comes home that night and goes
back again Sunday. What is that?!!
Either way, I am SO excited to see him.
You know, what they say is cheesy but true
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Monday, August 18, 2008

An Eventful Weekend

The weekend started with Bend Brew Fest.....word to the
wise, don't drink Wildfire Brewery's beer....NASTY!

Followed by an oober girly movie (last one
before Jim comes home)
Headed to Corvallis and got ready for Scotty and
Crystal's anniversary bash

It felt a little like prom with Mom taking pictures
(Note: Heather's amazing dress!)
I didn't get any shots of the happy couple...dang
But, here's Crystal looking amazing in her wedding
dress from 5 years ago!!

Wubby playing with the squishy balls!
Jenna was a darn good bartender!
Heather meets Heather and they're now best friends!!
and Heather and Beka....THE END

P.S.....Thanks Scotty and Crystal for being married
for 5 years and throwing an awesome party. It was
a lot of fun!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jonny Lang rocks my world!

I went to a Jonny Lang concert last night
in Bend and it was amazing!!!
For those of you who don't know, this guy
is an incredible guitarist who put out his
first album when he was 15 and his voice
sounded like he should be a 50 year old
blues singer! He's now 27 and better
than ever!!The tamborine guy in the background
also had a killer voice!

Me and my friend Aiyana
Aiyana and my parents....Dad loves Jonny!
Josh and Jesse are now Jonny Lang's biggest fans!

Watch this guy jam!!

"Red Light".....So good!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Coffee Shop Update # 2

I've been asked to give an update on coffee

shop so here it is. It is really coming along!!

We painted the outside (remember the pink and

teal colors it was) put in pavers, put in a door

that gives us access to our outside seating

area, got our amazing sign up

and this past weekend, we braved the

upstairs which has been closed off for 10 years!
We're going to turn it into an office/apartment space.

Dust masks were actually necessary....I think

I developed a case of black lung!

My face really says it was absolutely

disgusting!! They covered the hard wood with

nasty carpet and vinyl and there was so much

dirt and grime everywhere Here's the old nasty carpet

Why would you cover these up?!!

Here are the floors that will look amazing
when we have them sanded and finished this week
Already so much better!!

My dad cutting a hole in the side
of the shop for a door

And the after can kind of
see the pavers in this one

Our dump pile...these were the kind of fixtures
that were up before....early 90s high quality stuff!

Much better!

We have these table/chair sets that fit perfectly with

the venetian plaster

We got our sign!! It's got an actual street light inset

So, all this to say we're getting really close.

For those of you who are interested, we'll be throwing

a HUGE grand opening party with live music and the

works. Come to Redmondand check it out!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

So Jim being gone for 3 weeks equals me
trying to find ways to suppress my boredom.
Thus, many ridiculous yet somehow entertaining
shows have made their way into my life. If
this is the result of 3 weeks, what
the heck am I going to do when he leaves me
for Iraq for an entire year?
I'll probably have to pick up knitting

It's actually gotten to the point of me checking

my mailbox every day with the hope that my new

season of Gilmore Girls has come! So pathetic.

This nerdy habit actually started long ago
Ok this is the one I'm most ashamed about.

Don't ask...I have no good excuse!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Training again

Jim's off to Idaho to sleep with a bunch of
guys in the desert for 3 weeks and I'm
all by my lonesome. Aw man!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Trout Creek Adventures

Another camping trip, this one a little more
successful :)
We went to Trout Creek with Stephen, Kelly
Jason and Chelsea and had a blast!
We rafted the freezing cold river both days,
relaxed, and ate way too much food.
And this time, I don't think we forgot anything!

Jim and J had the tiny, deflated raft which was

just hilarious!

Stephen and his terrified dog, Hurley

A pit stop to talk to my honey
Beautiful Chelsea
We had the deflated raft the first day
and beached ourselves every few feet!
The air mattresses were the way to go.

Kelly and I floating and attempting to steer
our air mattresses

Wow, we all look so tough!
Chelsea and Kelly drying off by the fire
Jiffy pop is not supposed to do this!
The gang
Jim looks about 12 in this picture :)

Yes, those are army boots
And what a natural photograph this is!