Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1 week to go!

I finally set up my first OB appointment today and I was able to get the doctor I wanted.  I set up my initial appointment as well as the one where we can find out the sexes of our babies.  They set me up for January 7th, which is before I hit 18 weeks.  I asked her if that would be too soon to tell and she said they can find out at 12 weeks now!!  Pretty incredible!
So, everyone be sure to vote on what you think we're having.  I have heard every possible combination from friends and family and I'm curious what you all think:)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Starlight Gala 2010

 Last weekend we attended a formal event at my
grandparent's church, known as the Starlight Gala.

I love it because I get to dress up fancy and Jim loves
it because he gets to buy things he'll never use at
an auction!

Here we are in all our glory!

Dad grabbed Nanny for a cute!

Heather and I decided to wear gloves and old hats that were
from our grandmother's era.  It was so much fun and we got
so many compliments from all the older ladies:)

Some sharp guys and classy dames!

My parents, looking adorable as usual!

Oh, and there was also a dance party!!

2 pregnant ladies.....I kind of had to stick mine out but I just
hit 13 weeks so I'm pretty sure I won't have to stick it out much
longer.  It will do that on it's own!

Speaking of, I promise to get some pregnancy updates up soon.
I'm feeling great and so excited to meet our 2 little bundles of joy!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

And then there were 2!

Well I'm sure most of you already heard our big news but if not, 
here it is again.  

We are having TWINS!!!!!!!!!

I'm still kind of freaking out about it, but it's definitely a 
blessing.  I always wanted a big family, and we had to start a 
little later than planned, so I guess this is our way of catching up.

For those of you who've done this before, or have friends that
have, we could use any and all advice.  We have so much
to figure out!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A bun in the oven!!!!!!!!

Alright everyone!  I know I should have put this up earlier 
but I wanted most people to have found out already 
before posting a blog!  
And no, this is not another of Jim's jokes:)
I actually found out right before I hopped on the plane 
back from Arizona and had to wait one whole long day
to tell Jim.  I bought him this Beaver baby outfit and told
him I got him something while I was in Arizona.  He gets
really excited about presents and eagerly looked in the bag.
He saw the orange and black and was stoked, but then
had the thought (which he later told me) "This isn't going
to fit me!"  He then pulled out the baby attire and it took
a lot of looks back and forth with me nodding yes for him
to truly take in the fact that he's going to be a dad!
So, sometime in June, we will be meeting the new 
addition to the Roe family, perhaps James Wesley Roe V!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

An Arizonan weekend!!

 Well it was a fun-filled weekend for me!  
I got to spend time with my good friend Aiyana and her 
daughter Jadyn in Arizona, where Aiyana's parents live.  
We enjoyed 89 degree weather and an amazing Beaver game
against the University of Arizona!!
It was such an incredible game to watch live!
We were swimming in a sea of red Arizona fans
so needless to say, they were a little frustrated with us
when the Beavs won!
While we watched the game, Jadyn played with all the different kinds of cacti, while wearing her
water wings:) 

Sassy girls!!
This was the house we stayed at in
sunny Tucson

All in all......a great weekend!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm an aunt!!!!

I became an aunt on Thursday!!!!
My brother Tristan, and his wife Jackie
had a beautiful little girl, Fiona Mae Cross
but they live in Florida, which means that
I need to plan my trip very soon.
You guys can check out pictures by
stalking them on their blog!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mini Oregon Road Trip

We live in a beautiful state!
I forget sometimes......
We took the long way home the other day and went up the
old Columbia River Hwy.
We stopped at the Vista House at Crowne Point
Beautiful views of the Columbia River!!
A few miles later, we came across Multnomah Falls
I'm ashamed to say it's the first time I've seen
these beautiful falls!!
One of the view points we stopped at
The Columbia River area is so pretty!
Thanks for driving me around Jimmy!!
We decided that Oregon has so many amazing places to see
and we need to check those all off before we start adventuring

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My day with Glenda!

I got to spend a lovely day with my mother-in-law! We set out
with a purpose, but I can't for the life of me, remember what it was.
We got so sidetracked by everything we came across, starting with
this cute little vineyard that we happened upon.  I mean, we had to stop!!

I know it's looking a bit like I've got a lazy eye but I swear,
we only had one taste of wine!!

Cardwell Hill Vineyard, outside of Philomath. Yummy wine!

King's Valley Farmer's Market....pretty amazing!
I'm starting to feel a little like a tourist, stopping at
every point to take a picture.  We had to document our strange,
yet fun day!

A nice little bluegrass band played music while we picked through
the homemade scones and fresh fruits and vegetables

Um....the day got weirder and weirder. We came upon an old cemetery
build in 1859 and it was actually cool to walk around and read the
different headstones.....don't judge me!

Since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to stop off at the
annual Shrewsbury Faire, a medeival festival where everyone dresses
the part and talks in old English!

They even had a castle! We decided to go and see what it was
about and despite the Shrewsbury Faire's appeal, we decided not to stay:)

You guys all need to read this! They take their medeival (sp)
festivals very seriously!!

We got home and went to work in the kitchen for
our dinner party.

Yummy! Homemade pesto!!

We ended the night with the couple staying in Glenda and Jim's cottage.
They've become good friends of the Roes while they're vacationing
from their home in Malawi.  They have the cutest little daughter,
Mada (short for Madalina: "blessing" in Swahili)
The whole gang, Mandi included

Look how freaking cute this family is!!!!

Such a happy kid!
I had a hard time not taking her home with me!
Look at her!!!!!
All in all, it was a great day!
Goodnight world!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wine Tasting

My family started a tradition about a year ago.
We get together every week for a wine tasting
at a different house.  We do dinner and everyone 
brings a bottle of wine.
This week was our turn to host!
Everyone "brown bags" it so that no one knows what wine
they brought! We number the bottles and rank them.
After everyone tallies them, we unveil each bottle and it's score

We line them up by their rankings.
Sometimes the winning bottle is a $3 bottle!
Jim did BBQ tri tip for dinner!!
We had the biggest wine tasting yet with 40 people
roaming through our house!!!
So many cute kiddos running around!!
Oh this kid is so stinking cute!!
Both so serious!!
The boys ended the evening with an impromptu jam session!
Lots of visiting
Picking bugs out of the grass!
Scott and Brise
It's always a great time! We love having an excuse
to get together with family and friends each week
and pretending to know a lot about wine:)