Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A short-lived break with my guy!

I dropped Jim off at the airport this morning after
a beautifully relaxing 2 week leave!
It was hard to see him go again, but in 2 months,
he'll be home for good!

One of the things we got to do while he was home was
spend a weekend at the beach with a bunch of our
closest friends.

Brother and sister reunited!

Oh yeah, and we all surprised Jim with matching
sweatsuits for each couple:)

Team Kirkbride (so creepy Brandon!)

Jenna had a beautiful, matching teal sweatsuit
but Phil left her suitcase at home and she was
forced to come up with a plan B for wardrobe!

Team Kelley, including a baby Moses

Team Heidrick......please note the beautiful silk-screen job!

and team Roe, hiking it up!

We had the most amazing weather at the beach all weekend!!!

I can't get over how good Jenna looks!!

Jim hugging me after my run on the beach

So attractive!

The cousins are even matching!

One of the funniest parts of the weekend was Jim and Jenna's
trip to Goodwill after she found out she had no clothes. Jim
made sure she was set with about 10 "mom" outfits, ranging
from pajamas to swimsuits to dressup to this little number,
which was her hostess outfit! Jenna was such a good sport!

Family meal time was my favorite part of the weekend!