Thursday, October 27, 2011

6 months-Part 2

Our sweet little ladies are 6 months old!!!!

Both girls love their Aunt Kelsi and Uncle Matt
We're all trying to get in as much time with them
before they head off for Australia

My mom has also gotten lots of baby time!
If I need my children to fall asleep, all I have
to do is hand them to her.  She's still got it!!

A few things the girls have started doing this month:
Annabelle became fascinated with her tongue.
It's constantly hanging out of her mouth

Both girls are really close to being able to
sit up without any help from Mom and Dad

These girls are such a joy! I wouldn't trade my
days with them for anything.  So much personality
coming out more and more every day!

I'm going to have a hard time saying no to them.
I mean, look at that face!

Both ladies are fascinated with hanging,
jingling toys and stuffing them in their mouths!

We started food a couple weeks ago and the
girls weren't exactly sure how they felt about it
I made homemade squash, peas and applesauce
and we've also tried bananas and rice cereal

It's pretty normal to have more food on their
faces than in their mouths.

Annabelle loves her swing and her soft blankets
that she pulls up over her face to fall asleep

Evelyn twists her entire body into this position
to fall asleep.  I used to worry because she'd have
her face smashed into the crib bumper, but she loves it!

We'll have actual stats in a week when we have our
checkup, but I anticipate the conclusion being that
these 2 are quite chubby.  Look at this girl!!

Evelyn's new trick.  She'll stand here for a while!
Annabelle also likes to stand up!

Beaver game day!! The girls will always love
their orange and black!

Watching the game with her Poppy

Dad, I love football!

There she is again! She looks like such a big girl!

One of Jim's customers knit the girls these adorable hats!

Evie is tickling her sister:)

We're half a year old!!!

Look, no help from Mom and Dad!

Me and my ladies! We are so blessed!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

6 months- Part 1

I've got a lot to post, so I figured I'd do it in a couple
posts.  This one will be full of the videos and the next
one will have all of the pictures.  This shows the
girls first time eating food.  It was squash and they
both were pretty skeptical!  

Evelyn nursing in her sleep:)
Annabelle's new trick! This captures it better than
the last video I put up.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

2 cute ladies!

A 6 month update is coming soon, but I thought
I'd buy some time with a couple videos of the girls.
It's been a crazy month, some bad but mostly good.
Annabelle started doing a funny thing that I captured
on this video, and Evelyn is a happy little girl, as usual
Sorry they're sideways videos:)
Oh, and take special note of the cheesy Gilmore Girls 
in the background!  Oops

More to come soon!