Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Coffee Shop!

Me and my cousin P.R. after eating a ton of food
Aiyana popped in for some pie on her way to work at the hospital

Dad making his famous gravy

My aunt Carrie, Jessie and Branden (looking amazing)

Colton trying his had at cheese and cracker plattersHere are a couple of the new additions to our family, Aiden and Ethan My grandparents and their friends Pete and Elisabeth

We "kids" rocked the red room, my favorite room!

Oh yeah, Jim dressed up REAL nice

My brudda, Colton and cousin Branden

I got to bake my pumpkin pie in the restaurant...kinda fun.
Oh and Mom's on the phone with Tristan who couldn't be here
this year :(

Colton was my pumpkin pie accomplice.
This picture should have been before the other....meh

My awesome mom!
It was a fun Thanksgiving. We'll have to make it a tradition!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Job

Jim and his many jobs:)
My dad and Jim bid a job for the city of Redmond
to permanently set up all of the downtown buildings
with Christmas lights.
So, all last week, they got to be Santa's little helpers.
The city provided the lifts and they had traffic blocked
off and everything!
Vests and hard hats are all part of the job
Here's Jim in the lift.....note the one side
of traffic blocked off just for our guys

Oh hey Jim!
Really hard to capture the end result at night

but it looks amazing!

You guys will just have to drive downtown Redmond
because this clearly doesn't do it!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A random bunch of things

Sorry about the lack of time these days. This will probably seem quite random.

Last Saturday, we kept the shop open later and had a bluegrass band play on our patio. All of our customers sat outside because it was such a beautiful day.
These guys are called Larry and His Flask and they were great! So entertaining. I didn't have my camera at first so I could only capture 4 members of the 8 piece band:)

I recently enjoyed my first day off in 2 weeks and it was wonderful! It felt weird not being at the shop so, of course I had to go down and check the place out/get my caffeine fix for the day.

Turns out, I have a bunch of awesome employees that I don't have to worry about! The shop has been doing so well! Busy every day, which in this kind of economy, is more than we could hope for.

Oh yeah, I bought adult-sized footie pajamas yesterday, which I'll be living in this winter. Jim loves them!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WE'RE OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've been waiting a long time to see that OPEN sign!
It was dark so this picture doesn't fully capture it but
you get the idea

Check out the One Street Down Cafe Logo!
If for nothing else, come work for us for the cute shirts!

Our coffee station with homemade muffins
My dad built the awesome bar

Jim built this beautiful shelf for our pretty!
He was the solution to so many of our storage issues
We now use every square inch of wall space for something
thanks to Jim

Why is the owner washing dishes?
Because she's amazing!!!

0/Grand+Opening+015.JPG" border=0> This is one of our awesome servers, Shonna, working hard

So Jim saved our bacon and is helping us prep cook
this week. We truly wouldn't have been able to do
it without him. Jordan is our chef in the picture and you
all need to come try his amazing food!
This is only one of the numerous bouquets of flowers
we got on our opening day from our loved ones!

JPG" border=0>Right before opening....believe it or not, these tables were full
both today and yesterday...WOOHOO!!!

Did I mention that she also bakes amazing cinnamon rolls!
As you can see, the entire pan is almost gone.
People came in today based on yesterday's cinnamon roll
We didn't advertise at all because this week was considered
somewhat of a soft opening so the fact that we were as busy
as we were was amazing. We had people that have been
watching our place daily, waiting for it to open!
We already have guy was in yesterday morning
for breakfast, again in the afternoon for lunch and back
again this morning. God has truly blessed this place and
we're so thankful for it.

Now, you all need to come try it out! We hope you love it
as much as we do! More pictures to come soon
Everybody, check out our WEBSITE here