Sunday, November 16, 2008

A random bunch of things

Sorry about the lack of time these days. This will probably seem quite random.

Last Saturday, we kept the shop open later and had a bluegrass band play on our patio. All of our customers sat outside because it was such a beautiful day.
These guys are called Larry and His Flask and they were great! So entertaining. I didn't have my camera at first so I could only capture 4 members of the 8 piece band:)

I recently enjoyed my first day off in 2 weeks and it was wonderful! It felt weird not being at the shop so, of course I had to go down and check the place out/get my caffeine fix for the day.

Turns out, I have a bunch of awesome employees that I don't have to worry about! The shop has been doing so well! Busy every day, which in this kind of economy, is more than we could hope for.

Oh yeah, I bought adult-sized footie pajamas yesterday, which I'll be living in this winter. Jim loves them!!!


Hailey said...

That band was SOO fun! The next time they play I will definitely be there. Nice pajamas. I'm sure your husband loves the neck to toe coverage haha. I'm glad everything is going so great with the coffee shop!

Neal and Kristy said...

B, the jams...Amazing!!! The band pic only told a small part of the story. Sure love having you run the place. We are having too much fun. Oh, yeah, thank you so much for my new haircut. I love it. The smallest things make my day. I love you! MOM

The Bains said...

Oh my gosh, Bre...where did you get those awesome pajamas? I need some.

Faith! said...

OMGosh, those PJ's are incredible!! Ryan and I miss you guys!! You're coming to our Christmas party right!? :)

Jim and Brea said...

Definitely will be at the ugly sweater party Faith!!