Sunday, May 17, 2009


Time for a little life update.....
Jim has been gone a little over a week and so far
is doing really well with all of his training. He hates the
humidity in Georgia and it's only going to get worse since
he'll be there until July.

I have been spending 90% of my time with my crazy
but awesome sister Kelsi!!!! She's been keeping me busy
whether it be with staring contests....comparing our big hair
standing by while she eats my face.....
or going to the river on this awesome beautiful day....94
degrees in Redmond today!!!
We are also in the process of training for a half marathon.
We ran 6 miles tonight, and 13 really sounds like a lot
after that!
In other news, my little brother got engaged last weekend
to his beautiful girlfriend, Michelle! She will be the greatest
addition to the family.
The happy couple

She couldn't stop making this face all night!!

This was the crew that went up to surprise her....we went for
a hike in the woods at my aunt's cabin and hid all of our cars.
As soon as she said yes, Colton rang the dinner bell (an old train bell)
and we came running out of the woods.....pretty funny!
She was so surprised.
All the Cross ladies
As for the cafe, it couldn't be better. For those of you
who haven't been yet, you need to come by. It's my little
happy place!!
Love and miss you all!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bye Jim

Today marked the official send off.
We had a mobilization ceremony in Eugene
to send off the 41st brigade to Iraq.
The governor gave a really weird speech
about the swine flu and hand sanitizer, but
otherwise it was a nice ceremony.

Jim and Heather
Look at me all army wife!
Now he's home for a few days leave and then gone for good:(
I wanted to let you all know that it would be awesome if
everyone got together and sent stuff to Jim when he's deployed.
If you're interested, I will put together a list and hook everyone
up with his info once he's out of country. He would love
to hear from all of you. They say care packages are what keep
the troops going every day so let me know if you want a part in it.