Monday, May 4, 2009

Bye Jim

Today marked the official send off.
We had a mobilization ceremony in Eugene
to send off the 41st brigade to Iraq.
The governor gave a really weird speech
about the swine flu and hand sanitizer, but
otherwise it was a nice ceremony.

Jim and Heather
Look at me all army wife!
Now he's home for a few days leave and then gone for good:(
I wanted to let you all know that it would be awesome if
everyone got together and sent stuff to Jim when he's deployed.
If you're interested, I will put together a list and hook everyone
up with his info once he's out of country. He would love
to hear from all of you. They say care packages are what keep
the troops going every day so let me know if you want a part in it.


scotty and crystal said...

for sure put us on the list, we LOVE the idea of sending a little Oregon love to Jim (once we get back to Oregon that is).

P.S. you are the hottest Army wife I know, wow I am so lucky


We would totally send a care package, so keep us in the loop!

Stephen & Kelly said...

Of course!

squattibody said...

Me too!
Love, grammie