Friday, December 30, 2011

Florida part 2

Here's another round of pictures from Florida that I stole from my lovely sister-in-law Jackie!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We had the most gorgeous weather,
and the sand was unbelievably soft!!
 I have a lot of blogging to do this week, but I will start with
the best of all.  We just got back from a week in Destin, FL
where my sister got married to the lovely Brit, Matthew!

It was the experience of a lifetime, and I was honored to be a
part of it.  My mom rented a 10 bedroom house, and we had 30 people stay the entire week.  Matt's family came from England and by the end of the week, we were all family!
The girls had their very first plane ride
and they started off with a long one!

We were fortunate to have some free seats
next to ours, so the girls got to spread out a bit!
Both girls were complete angels!
I was thankful because traveling with
kids adds enough stress!

They loved looking out the windows!
Here's the amazing house we stayed at!
I got lost a few times at the beginning!
The girls got lots of loving, and ate all sorts
of random things, like chocolate!

And grapefruit!!
It came out just like it went in!

The place looked pretty cool at night

And the pool was nice and warm!

Kiki and Annabelle

Lots of walks on the beach!
We packed the babies

The big day!! All the girls getting ready
Oh hey Colton!

I did Kelsi's didn't require much!

Kelsi and her 3 flower girls!!
4 gorgeous ladies!!!

Evie wanted to give the bride a kiss!

Or maybe eat her!

Out of order pictures.....Jimmy rented this sweet ride!
This was Annabelle's bed the entire week!
It may seem mean, but she loved it, and when
you're traveling, you have to get creative

My toast.....couldn't get through a third
of it before getting choked up.  I love these
2 so stinking much!

Matt's dad took Annabelle a dancin' and she
loved it!! 

Despite the bright sunshine, the girls loved
the beach.  The highlight was eating sand!

Sitting up like a big girl!

My perfect little accessory

And one for the other hip!

Babies were happy! Adults were happy!
It was a perfect week!

There was not a thing to complain about!
I love you Kelsi and Matt!
Congratulations, and thank you for
letting us be a part of your special day

More to come!