Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At least half way!

20 weeks and counting!!!!

I'm starting to finally get the
pregnant question.....I still
think those people are a little
too brave!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Drum roll please.......2 bouncing baby girls!!!

Well, it's official (at least sort of) that we
are going to have 2 little girls in May or June!
They were able to guess that they will be 
fraternal twins, based on the thickness of
the membrane between the 2 sacks.  Pretty
incredible what they can find out nowadays!
They were very healthy and active in my tummy,
kicking each other quite frequently as we tried
to take pictures of them:)
I think I might have some hyperactive Roe babies
on my hands! 
Jim's going to be surrounded by ladies!!

I promised you all that I would post some bump pictures.
Not super exciting yet, but you just wait.  I will be huge in no time!!
This is at 13 weeks

Here I am at 18 weeks, finally starting to pop
out there a bit.

I have some ultrasound pictures that I'll post soon.
We were able to get a couple 3-D ones but the girls
don't have any fat yet, so they kind of look like aliens:)

We absolutely can not wait to meet our 2 daughters!!!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A little longer.....

So for those of you who were waiting for news today,
I'm sorry to inform you that it will be a little longer of a wait.
I had my first appointment today but it was not my
official ultrasound.  It was a general ultrasound and
it was impossible to see babies' goods because they were
on top of each other and had their backs to us:)
They were, however, healthy and I could see their
tiny little hearts beating away.
The official day is next Thursday and I promise I will
have some news for you all!