Saturday, June 13, 2009

Part 2: Disney and Beach!!

I wanted to post periodically so that I don't post a
thousand pictures at the end of the trip, so bear with
me guys. Yesterday, we hit up Disney's Magic Kingdom
which was mostly supposed to be for Jadyn but I think I loved
it more than anyone:)
A little out of order, but this was after the long day of
waiting in lines and sweating profusely. We needed our
ice cream!

Me and Kels on the Snow White fun and so

scary for little kids (and me) The witch is seriously creepy!!

Doesn't this look a little too natural?
Mom, I figured you'd appreciate this picture!

All the girls outside the princess castle!

Today we went to the beach! It was so much fun....really hot but the
ocean was wonderfully refreshing. We saw a little sea turtle while
we were was awesome!!
We might have gotten a bit of sun today! It's a little
different from the Oregon sun we're used to.

The girlies again!

On the ride home, they stuffed me in the trunk!
We had a car packed full of people and it was my turn:)

We ended the night with dinner at Macaroni Grill but Jadyn
didn't quite make it to the table before falling asleep!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Florida Part 1

Well we made it to Florida after a long day of traveling!!
We look alike down to our ridiculously cheesy expressions!
Our flight from LA to Orlando was overbooked by 20 people
so we decided to give up our seats for a free roundtrip ticket
anywhere in the US and all we had to do was wait an extra
hour for the next flight and it was first class!!!

Aiyana sleeping in our pre-first class seat:)
Jadyn was the best traveller ever!! After 15 hours, she was
still the happiest girl ever because she had her Ariel bag.
First class is amazing, and we totally didn't belong!! Look at
how dorky we are!
We got spoiled with all sorts of treats the whole flight!
Again, trying to play the part....

And it was all worth the long flight because we got to see this guy!!
Look at his awesome Disney attire!

Tristan and Jackie are the cutest couple ever
and such great hosts!!
I will keep posting updates so keep checking!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy 2 Years to Us!!!!

Today marks our 2 year anniversary!!!!

The only sad thing is that we're not together:(

But, it was an amazing anniversary, thanks to my wondefully

thoughtful husband. We were talking on the phone and he

told me to look up this song and download it and listen to it.
It was a really sweet song about him wishing he were with me

and he had me unplug my laptop and keep listening while

I walked outside.

After a tiny amount of confusion, I was greeted with this......

He had the whole thing set up and his mom, grandma and aunt

delivered them onto my doorstep. Inside my beautiful bouquet

of flowers, I found an even bigger surprise......

Diamond earings!!!!

I love you hubby! Hurry home to me!