Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy 2 Years to Us!!!!

Today marks our 2 year anniversary!!!!

The only sad thing is that we're not together:(

But, it was an amazing anniversary, thanks to my wondefully

thoughtful husband. We were talking on the phone and he

told me to look up this song and download it and listen to it.
It was a really sweet song about him wishing he were with me

and he had me unplug my laptop and keep listening while

I walked outside.

After a tiny amount of confusion, I was greeted with this......

He had the whole thing set up and his mom, grandma and aunt

delivered them onto my doorstep. Inside my beautiful bouquet

of flowers, I found an even bigger surprise......

Diamond earings!!!!

I love you hubby! Hurry home to me!


The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

saweeeeeet! happy anniversary!

Stephen & Kelly said...

That is way too cute!


What a sweet husband you have! Can it really be two years since we attended your lovely wedding? Guess so! Our prayers are with you both as Jim is away. Blessings!!!

Mama Notes said...

That is so sweet. Makes me want to cry.