Monday, September 24, 2012

Roe Family Happenings

Well, we gave in and found out.
That should start the update off properly!
We have been so busy with life.  Following
2 amazingly crazy little girls around, while
growing a little man inside.  I apologize for
the lack of updates (which sure seems to be
the way I start every post off) but it's hard to
find a moment.  When I do, it usually means
I'm putting something else off, like cleaning
my house.

These girls have been our daily joy.
We have loved each stage more than
the last.  We spent the weekend at their
grandparent's in Corvallis!

They got to go on a bike ride around the

Giving much overdue kisses to grandma
Sweet Evelyn and her baby blues

That's the Annabelle we know!

Posing quite nicely!
Enough hair for pigtails!
I love this sweet picture of our Evie
On a huckleberry venture with Kiki
and Poppy. The girls love being outside!

It became necessary to contain them so
we would just periodically toss a berry
over our shoulder to appease the girls

Quick sidenote: Go Beavs!!! The girls were tuckered
out after our huge victory over Wisconsin!

Here are some pictures of our recent trip
down to Cali.  We went down to greet
my brother Colton, who just returned
from Afghanistan!!!

On our way down, we made a slight detour
to LAX, where we thought we were trading
out our rental car, but in fact, my dad and Jim
were secretly picking up my sister, who flew
in from Australia to surprise us!!!!!!

A reunion of the Cross ladies!!!

We had the best week with Kelsi! I forgot how
much I missed having my sister around:(

And man did my girls love seeing her!!

Here is the beautiful moment that
brings tears to my eyes! Michelle and
Colton reunited.  So good to have him home!

My mom was so happy to have her baby home

Annabelle was trying to figure out who this guy in
camouflage was.  Both girls got lots of quality time
in with Uncle Coltie

Thursday, July 26, 2012

# 3

I realize that many of you follow us on Facebook
and already know our news but just in case, we'll
throw it on here too.

We're having another baby!!!!!
Baby (an not babies) being the operative word!
We're due February 10th and can not wait!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Time

Hello world! Sorry for the major gap in 
posts.  I think once the girls reached a year,
I didn't have the self-imposed pressure of
blogging on their monthly updates but I
promise to do better!

They are officially into EVERYTHING!!

Miss Evelyn is usually the pioneer when it
comes to discovering something for the first
time and Annabelle is always her partner in crime!

Despite the craziness, this has been the most
fun stage to date! So much discovery and
development happening in their tiny little brains!
They have been such joyful little ladies
The girls love playing together, which
makes life easier on me!

This is often what it looks like after a full
day of playing!

Here are some pictures from the Heidrick's
recent visit.  We had such a great time!
The boys started it off with some golf
at Aspen Lakes

What a perfect day

Cousins getting into trouble together!
Jim was on baby duty while Heather and
I got dinner ready

We all decided to rent one of these surreys
and it actually fit all 9 of us!! We got a lot
of attention wheeling around Bend with
3 babies in our front basket.  Don't worry,
they were strapped in!
And this is how people with triplets do it!

Many of our evenings are spent with my parents.
The girls love their Poppy, who patiently reads
long children's books to them! They actually
sat still for a surprising amount of time!

I apologize for the randomness of this blog, but
I had a lot to catch up on.  I will leave you with a
video.  The girls have been walking for a while now
but they're really starting to master it! Hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 11, 2012

5 years!!!

This past weekend, we celebrated our 5th

anniversary with a trip to the beach.  My parents
came with us and we rented a house at Cape Meares!

Our first stop was the Tillamook Cheese Factory!
Jim had never been when the factory was actually open

Annabelle was fascinated with the cheese production
And Evie was fascinated with the ice cream!

We had lots of time for walks on the beach!

The girls always love being carried in the packs

We actually got some pretty decent weather,
especially for the Oregon coast!

A sacked out Annabelle

So tired

Onnie giving herself kisses:)

The girls took a sauna!

Little miss blue eyes!

The Octopus tree

The girls love playing guitar with Poppy!

The viewpoint from the lighthouse
Onnie and Kiki

Evie and Poppy
The girls love their grandparents!

Cape Meares lighthouse

Evie doing a little whale watching

And here are our little girls, LOVING the beach!!!
They were SO excited when we set them free!! They 
crawled all over the place, squealed with delight and 
ate a ton of sand!!!

And now I will end this post by announcing that the
girls will soon have a little brother or sister!!!!!
Or maybe a little brother and sister with the way
we do things!!!! We couldn't be happier!