Saturday, October 23, 2010

A bun in the oven!!!!!!!!

Alright everyone!  I know I should have put this up earlier 
but I wanted most people to have found out already 
before posting a blog!  
And no, this is not another of Jim's jokes:)
I actually found out right before I hopped on the plane 
back from Arizona and had to wait one whole long day
to tell Jim.  I bought him this Beaver baby outfit and told
him I got him something while I was in Arizona.  He gets
really excited about presents and eagerly looked in the bag.
He saw the orange and black and was stoked, but then
had the thought (which he later told me) "This isn't going
to fit me!"  He then pulled out the baby attire and it took
a lot of looks back and forth with me nodding yes for him
to truly take in the fact that he's going to be a dad!
So, sometime in June, we will be meeting the new 
addition to the Roe family, perhaps James Wesley Roe V!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

An Arizonan weekend!!

 Well it was a fun-filled weekend for me!  
I got to spend time with my good friend Aiyana and her 
daughter Jadyn in Arizona, where Aiyana's parents live.  
We enjoyed 89 degree weather and an amazing Beaver game
against the University of Arizona!!
It was such an incredible game to watch live!
We were swimming in a sea of red Arizona fans
so needless to say, they were a little frustrated with us
when the Beavs won!
While we watched the game, Jadyn played with all the different kinds of cacti, while wearing her
water wings:) 

Sassy girls!!
This was the house we stayed at in
sunny Tucson

All in all......a great weekend!