Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Starlight Gala 2010

 Last weekend we attended a formal event at my
grandparent's church, known as the Starlight Gala.

I love it because I get to dress up fancy and Jim loves
it because he gets to buy things he'll never use at
an auction!

Here we are in all our glory!

Dad grabbed Nanny for a cute!

Heather and I decided to wear gloves and old hats that were
from our grandmother's era.  It was so much fun and we got
so many compliments from all the older ladies:)

Some sharp guys and classy dames!

My parents, looking adorable as usual!

Oh, and there was also a dance party!!

2 pregnant ladies.....I kind of had to stick mine out but I just
hit 13 weeks so I'm pretty sure I won't have to stick it out much
longer.  It will do that on it's own!

Speaking of, I promise to get some pregnancy updates up soon.
I'm feeling great and so excited to meet our 2 little bundles of joy!!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Wow....TWO bundles of joy! how crazy.
PS....did you cut your hair! Looks cute, as always.

Grant, Amy, and Caleb said...

Yes - pregnancy update soooon please!!! :) You look great!