Friday, November 5, 2010

And then there were 2!

Well I'm sure most of you already heard our big news but if not, 
here it is again.  

We are having TWINS!!!!!!!!!

I'm still kind of freaking out about it, but it's definitely a 
blessing.  I always wanted a big family, and we had to start a 
little later than planned, so I guess this is our way of catching up.

For those of you who've done this before, or have friends that
have, we could use any and all advice.  We have so much
to figure out!!


The Guy and The Girl said...

so incredible! every morning I wake up and every night I go to bed I remember "wow Jim and Bre are having twins OH MY GOSH!"

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

I think about it everyday exciting and crazy and WOW!

Grant and Amy Ludwick said...

Wow!!!!! My neighbor just had twins a week ago (two boys)... you guys are going to be such GREAT parents - God knew you could handle two!

Heather C said...

CONGRATS! That is so so so exciting!! You are going to be such a good mama! can't wait to see your family grow!