Monday, August 4, 2008

So Jim being gone for 3 weeks equals me
trying to find ways to suppress my boredom.
Thus, many ridiculous yet somehow entertaining
shows have made their way into my life. If
this is the result of 3 weeks, what
the heck am I going to do when he leaves me
for Iraq for an entire year?
I'll probably have to pick up knitting

It's actually gotten to the point of me checking

my mailbox every day with the hope that my new

season of Gilmore Girls has come! So pathetic.

This nerdy habit actually started long ago
Ok this is the one I'm most ashamed about.

Don't ask...I have no good excuse!


scotty and crystal said...

Maybe you should move back to the valley for the year? eh?

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

Oh, yeah, gilmore girls! Maybe I should watch them all over again!

Chris and Sarah said...

Gilmore Girls RULE.
:) Sarah
(Benji's sister)

sdralphs said...

bre your blog is too cute! and your hair is soooooo adorable! i never would have thought you would cut it, but you look so gorgeous as usual! this is darcee by the way! looks like life is so great for you. sorry jim is gone. my best friends hubby has to do the same thing so we always get her for awhile! i admire wives like you guys that do it! tell the fam hi and keep that lil kels of mine in check over there!

More Dorrs said...

You can borrow GG from us! Between us and the Winkleplecks, we've got them all.

Also, I faithfully watched Dawson's Creek when it was on TV. I cried during the last episode. I miss those crazy kids from Capeside. :(


Jim and Brea said...

Thanks for making me feel better about my guilty pleasures Beka!

Katie said...

I love DC! drama, drama, drama!

Yessica said...

First of all Brea... knitting is cool. second of all... you do need to meet Aiden, he is precious. Thirdly, any change of us getting together this week??