Monday, August 18, 2008

An Eventful Weekend

The weekend started with Bend Brew Fest.....word to the
wise, don't drink Wildfire Brewery's beer....NASTY!

Followed by an oober girly movie (last one
before Jim comes home)
Headed to Corvallis and got ready for Scotty and
Crystal's anniversary bash

It felt a little like prom with Mom taking pictures
(Note: Heather's amazing dress!)
I didn't get any shots of the happy couple...dang
But, here's Crystal looking amazing in her wedding
dress from 5 years ago!!

Wubby playing with the squishy balls!
Jenna was a darn good bartender!
Heather meets Heather and they're now best friends!!
and Heather and Beka....THE END

P.S.....Thanks Scotty and Crystal for being married
for 5 years and throwing an awesome party. It was
a lot of fun!


The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

Bre you were so great with Heather and Heather. Sorry I got tired and boring! I loved your outfits. Im looking forward to hanging out with you guys in a few weeks!!!

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Nice legs! I love the Heather meets Heather pic...HAHAHA.

B.S. and Mrs. S said...

BRE!!! thank you for taking care of us!!!! I'm sad that there are no pictures of YOU and me...that was so fun! lets all go out again!!