Monday, July 14, 2008

A Packed Full Weekend

So this post might be really out of order but oh well. It seems like I only blog once a week, probably because the weeks are boring and slightly repetitive, and don't seem blogworthy, but I recently decided that my work is actually pretty entertaining and may be starting a quote of the day.
As for this particular post, we went to Corvallis this past weekend (Jim's training weekend) and got to take part in the Philomath Frollic and Rodeo....I know what you're thinking...."What?! That sounds amazing!!" Well let me tell you, it was that and more. Packed full of greasy food, greasy mullets and some pretty flippin insane bull fighting (Who knew that was still legal)
I spent the first half holding a baby and ignoring the rodeo, but I soon found myself surprisingly engaged!
First half of rodeo: I finally got to meet baby Bella!!
The halftime show....tame buffalos that
jumped up onto this trailer. Who knew!
Black Jenna and happy Kevin
Same picture.....different day

In between the parade and the rodeo, we went for a swim.

Swimming cap was to keep the perm in perfect form:)

The eager spectators of the Philomath parade!
This is for you Jimmy

Oh hey and here's Jenna again!

For those of you who didn't hear, Kevin Boss (Superbowl

champ from Philomath) was in the parade and Ryan was his

overly intense security gaurd.

This was the least exciting of the 3 bullfighting episodes

and it was still insane. The first guy hurdled the entire bull,

the second rode on top of his horns before being trampled and this

one......well, you'll see!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Fun post...I love the voices in the videos...nice scream jenna

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

the swim cap was to go with my retro suit. and you are in trouble for posting it. :) Now im going to post you in yours!

Stephen & Kelly said...

nice work do a good job of keeping up on your posts and making sure you fill in all the activities in a day. I wish I had your dedication.