Saturday, December 6, 2008

Starlight gala

Every Christmas, my grandparent's church has a
Starlight Gala, a christmas fundraise if you will. You dress up,
get a gourmet dinner, bid on items in a silent auction
as well as a live auction and then dance to live music
with a bunch of adorable old people!
We decided to go this year and it was a blast!!Here we are all dressed up!
Jim and Branden looking sharp

Here's the gang, Branden, Hailey, Colleen, Brise and us
Wish I had documented the "older table" with parents,
aunts and uncles, grandparents because they all
looked amazing!!
Branden and Hailey were the auction "runners."
They made sure people actually paid for their items.

Jim was sad that he only bought 1 thing at the auction.
He loves the thrill of auctioning!!
We got a night at Eagle Crest with dinner and golf!
Here we are cutting a rug....notice the classic Jim move

And the best picture of the night.....Jim dancing
with an amazing old lady! Look at both of their


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha Last night was so much fun. Love the picture of JIm and the old ladies.

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Cute hair :)

scotty and crystal said... at-your-wedding dancing?!?!?! Looks like a lot of fun. Love and miss you guys!!!

More Dorrs said...

Jim, you little dog, you...

WHAT? You hung christmas lights in Redmond wearing THOSE kind of pajamas while running a brand new coffee shop?

Wow guys. I need to catch up.


Tristan said...

Looks like Jimmy made some lady's night!