Monday, March 30, 2009

It was a weekend of goodbyes for Jim.
We had parties in Corvallis for his family and
friends to see him one last time before he heads out.
Denny....I stole some of your pictures so his family could
see them:)
Here's the friend gathering.
Thanks Jenna and Phil for hosting!
Here's one of Jim's outfits.....we told
everyone to dress patriotic/military
Tristan and Jackie, I hope you appreciate Jim's
use of your present:)
Even the kids dressed up!
This is what Jim showed up in.....gotta
appreciate the sense of humor
The girlies

You all might have to zoom in to see the tattoo

in honor of my awesome husband:)

Aiyana hands down wins the best costume contest

All duct tape Wonder Woman outfit!We had a family party at Jim's parents house the next day!
A salute to Jim!
Oh Hey Heather!