Thursday, August 6, 2009


I don't know who this is, but it gives you an idea of the environment we are in.
Here are a couple of ASVs. I was going to be in one, but I don't fit.
Staging all our trucks before a convoy.
And a bunch of camels. There are a lot of camels. Pretty cool


Jim and Brea said...

Good job blogging babe!
It's funny how it's exactly as I would picture it:)

scotty and crystal said...

Wow, Jim you look good. I think it's awesome/funny that you are too tall for the ASV's, nice work.

Thanks for sharing what your world looks like right now. Keep em coming.

Neal and Kristy said...

I was just complaining to Neal about the dust up at Sunriver on a hike...Sorry about that, now that I see where you are and the "dust" you deal with daily! Keep the blog pics coming. Love seeing your world as your stories unfold. Packages headed your way. We love you tons.
Kristy and Neal

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

Wow the camels are crazy! Thank you for blogging and showing us your world. Phil and I went to the Cafe yesterday on our way home from Bend! We missed you. Phil ordered his favorite, biscuits and gravy with egg on top and we had fun with Bre.

7thGROUP said...

Hello, Soldier. I hope you are still alive and well brother however I would like to inform you that you are not authorized to have photos of the two major components shown in the top photo of your blog and I would hate for you to receive any punishment for having that photo up, even though its been up since 2009. You and 1 other soldier show up with the BFT and Juliet Alpha Mike Mike Echo Romeo when searching for MRAP's. The other soldier that comes up was a good friend of mine and has been struck from an e-8 down to an e-5 due to what the components are. It is also a security risk and as you may know could (or could've) cost lives being that it show's the enemy what to look for and also gives them an idea of what to search for to learn about even further and as you also know my brother it isn't hard to spot the ANT. for the JAM no matter which variant. Please be cautious my friend. I have seen friends die do to the enemy knowing of our position due to blogs, FB and other sites. I have also seen some of the best, strongest willed and most elite military members be struck from the military AND thrown in jail for having such equipment posted. BFT may be show as "unclassified" but what they fail to mention if that the BFT-I and BFT-II training manuals are the only things unclassified which is for Geneva Convention political purposes. Images of the equipment are not permitted and neither of the JAM*** equipment or variants are permitted in photos either mainly due to their superior importance in our fight and their excellent life saving capabilities. Please don't take this as anything other than a friendly warning. Please delete my post or dont allow it to post. GodSpeed and GodBless. Always and Forever
De Oppresso Liber
Maj Gallante
p.s. if you do not see the second component. think, "remote" and "above your head"

Jim, Brea, Annabelle and Evelyn said...

I am well aware of the pictures I posted. Thanks Sir, for spending your time stalking blogs of people from 2 years ago. I am assuming you should probably be spending your time elsewhere. That is my friendly reminder to leave me alone.