Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter in the Snow!!

Well it wasn't a typical spring day, but it was still so much fun!
We went out to my aunt's cabin on the Metolius river and enjoyed
egg hunting in the snow. The kids were so cute and entertaining,
as always. It was a bittersweet holiday as it was my brother and
Michelle's last day in Oregon. They packed up a truck and trailer
and began their trek across the country for their new adventure in
Virginia. They'll be missed!
Hope everyone's holiday was grand!


Jim and Brea said...

Darn pictures got chopped....Sorry guys:)

Jacqueline A. said...

I wish we could've been there! Easter just doesn't feel the same without family. But we'll be home again soon! Just a few more weeks!

Jacqueline A. said...

Oh and as sad as you all are about Colton and Michelle leaving I have to say that I'm pretty dang excited to have some family within a days drive!

Jim and Brea said...

Jackie! I'm jealous that you guys get Colton and Michelle, but excited that you'll be home soon!!!!!!

Grant and Amy Ludwick said...

Dear Bre,

When are we going to have spring in Central Oregon? I'm tired of winter...

Amy :)