Monday, February 21, 2011

Unc is the coolest!!

Jim carrying sleeping girls across the
street is becoming a pattern:)
He even occasionally stops to take a nap
We took our nephews and nieces sledding at Hoodoo
last weekend!  They all seemed to love it.
Aunt Brea was boring and sat in the warm truck
with my book since I'm not allowed to sled:(

Jim bullying poor Wesley

Here's the gang! Jim's mom and brother came and
went for a few runs themselves!

I tried to be tough and watch them but I only watched them
each go once before I retired to the truck.  It was freezing!!

Little Mags was so bundled up.
She loved sledding and even went down the
hill by herself at the end of the day!!

Here she is with Grandma

The girls were excited to get doughnuts after our adventure!
Maggie did her best to get the doughnut in her mouth

We've been really enjoying the company of our nieces and
nephews! Unc (it's what they call Jim) is their favorite!
He builds them super elaborate forts, takes them sledding
and buys them happy meals.  What more could you want
from an uncle?!!


Stephanie said...

Looks like (cold brrrr) fun! I'd have been sitting with you in the car!

The Kirkbrides said...

How fun! Such cute pictures :)

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Good jorb...unc jim. So fun :)