Friday, August 26, 2011

Kels and Matt

On Wed night, we celebrated Kelsi and Matt, and
the merging of 2 countries!!!
It was the greatest party ever! So many family
members and friends came to celebrate!

Jim was in charge of music, and he had a very
formal British royal march for Kels and Matt's
first dance together...pretty funny

Kelsi and Roy, one of our sweetest
patrons at the cafe! He had some
smooth dance moves!
A bunch of ladies!

Kelsi had better watch out for Maggie!
She was out to steal Matt away!

Me and Jimmy

My girls will learn to dance at an early age!

We all gladly welcome Matt to our family!

I actually didn't hold my babies very much.
Lots of willing baby holders!
I couldn't be happier for my sister!
She has met her match in Matt and I
can't imagine giving her away to anyone else.


Anonymous said...

so so happy for Kelsey! and so happy you've been such a great blogger Bre!


sdralphs said...

wish I could have come! Looks like a blast. I love the Cross family and especially my fluff, Kels! Matt and her are perfect! Oh, and your babies are adorable and you look like you never even had two kids. Gorgeous girl!