Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Roe Family Update.....5 months!!!!

I always heard from parents that kids
grow up way too fast, but now I know it
to be a reality!!
The girls were 5 months yesterday!!!
So many amazing changes happening every
day.  I can't get over how big a blessing it
is to be a mother.  It's the most rewarding job ever!

Little miss Evelyn, cuddling with her blanket
Both girls find comfort in soft blankets near their faces

Here's the 5 month pictures.  They are making this giant
bear look smaller and smaller each month!

Pictures, once again out of order, but oh well!
I have been trying my hand at all sorts of domestic
tasks of late, and it's going rather well.
We went to Hood River and got a bunch of fruit.
I made canned peaches, peach jam and raspberry jam!
Next stop:  Applesauce!
I sewed some pillows for the girls room,
which didn't turn out exactly as planned,
but oh well!

I made little headbands for the girls,
which simply entailed sewing this fabric

My first clothing experiment.....turned out
ok but I'm pretty sure my girls are already
too big for it.  

Back to kid updates.  Both girls love the water,
but Evelyn is a little more cautious than her
sister.  She likes to feel it out before she gets
too excited

Annabelle is definitely a water baby!

I absolutely love this picture of my mom
and my little papoose!

Both girls love little furry animals that they
can pull towards their mouth and chew on.
They have made their way through my wash
a  few times already!

Back to the bear! We're all over the place

Evelyn is pretty much always happy.  If
she is sad, it's a very sad day indeed!
She's still got her sister beat in weight.  She's
around 15 lbs, but Annabelle is tailing her closely

Annabelle is also a happy baby but can
often be found staring off in the distance,
pondering life!  She weights 14 lb 1 oz!

Both girls are enjoying tummy time a little more
and they can both roll over 

We have gotten some huge giggle fits out of both
girls this month!

Evelyn, enjoying her studies!

Their eyes get bluer and bluer every day!
We're so blessed to have two healthy, beautiful girls
who are each so incredibly unique.


Grant, Amy, and Caleb said...

sooo cute!

Stephanie said...

They are gaining weight nicely! They are darling! I'm cracking up at your domestic talents!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! as im reading your post im feeling my baby kick! its so crazy she is kicking more and more and harder! any way back to your post...Anna might be lighter but she definitely has the most hair! im just remember holding these sweet angels in the hospital and how tiny they were, it will be crazy to put them next to our little nugget! Jenna