Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Roe Family Update

We are at that stage, where our children are
getting into everything! And they're quite
resourceful about it:)

Evie hanging with her Poppy!
We've been spending lots of time
sitting outside at One Street Down!

Cousin Dahlia and Evie hanging out!
The girls are all at the stage where they
love playing together now!

They love playing with their cousin Fiona too, who
visited from Florida recently, but this was not one
of those occasions!

I will never tire of staring at sleeping babies!

Evie loves putting on headbands herself.
She also does this with sunglasses!
Daddy built the girls a fort, which they loved!

Sewing project #1: a pattern my mom
had from my grandma's era.  Mom and I
(mostly Mom) sewed these for the girls

They turned out pretty cute! Plus,
we had very cute subjects!

They should be able to wear them all summer!
I also sewed some pillows for the girls room.
A much easier project!

And here is a perfect video to sign off with!