Monday, January 21, 2013

Rounding the last bend!!

Major backtrack beginning! This one dates back to the fall sometime.  The girls LOVED the pumpkin patch because it was filled with "Balls"  

Halloween! Little Bo Peep and her 2 lost sheep
Kissing sheep

Jump forward to Thanksgiving time with the Heidricks 

Sleeping sisters

Christmas packages!

Evie loves to bug her dad when he's relaxing:)
Bath time fun! They are learning their alphabet!

Blue eyes!

Such a goof

Redmond's first snow!!
The girls were pretty darn excited


One of the girls' nightly traditions is
looking at pictures with Daddy

Why not play in the bath when it's empty too?!
Already learning to pose for the pictures

And finally.....James Wesley Roe V,
who should be making his debut very soon!!

Enjoy the videos of these silly girls:)


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said... to see so many cute pictures of them. They are growing so fast! Congrats on James Wesley Roe V! There will be so many new people for us to meet when we finally get home!