Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Little Update

Here's a little Roe update. I'm so bad about posting so I thought I'd knock out several posts in one!

  • Jim became a licensed contractor as of January of this year. He's still working out in Fossil (the middle of nowhere) 4 days a week but hopefully that will be done soon and he can be closer to home.

  • We are still looking for houses but because of Jim's new self-employed status, getting financed is next to impossible. They want 2 year job history!

  • We might buy me a new car instead, an Audi A4

  • I'm still working at my boring but reliable desk job, Environmental Insulation (yes, if you use our product you get a nice tax write off)

  • The coffee shop that I've been trying to start for the past few years is finally getting close! We're hoping to open this summer sometime. It's going to be amazing! We'll let you know when the grand opening will music, free drinks, the works!

  • We just started our new indoor soccer league and we won our first game! Woohoo! Last season's track record was pretty bad but we're off to a good start this time. Jim's our goalie and his long legs and arms are perfect for the job! They seriously come out of nowhere and block some ridiculously hard shots.

  • We haven't conceived any children yet!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Good post!!

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

Sorry about the financing annoyance but new cars are FUN! That is a pretty car, everyone will think you are soooooooo cool.