Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vegas 2008!

Last weekend, Jim and I decided on a whim
to go to Vegas and surprise Stephen, Kelly,
Jason and Chelsea. We tried to catch a flight,
but being last minute, they were booked so
we thought we’d be adventurous and drive.
15 hours later, we arrived. Jim got pulled
over going 90 but with the help of his military
ID (it works every time) he got off.
I, wasn't so lucky. I got my first ticket ever.
So unfair.I didn't think I'd enjoy Vegas, but it was
actually really fun. We looked at all of the amazing
buildings, stopped off at the Belaggio fountains,
rode the Manhattan Express roller coaster.
Oh, and Jim screamed the entire time!

So cool!

What a tough driving face

Embarking on our 15 hour adventure

The girls......oh and Jason

Ridiculously large drinks that were refillable!

All the lobbies of these places were amazing!

Did I mention I got my first ticket ever on this trip?
Dang coppers.
More pictures will come soon.


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Nice work...on everything.

abby said...

You guys are so craaaaaazy!!!