Monday, June 30, 2008

Camping 101

So, I went camping this weekend with my sister
and my friend, Mallery and discovered that
we're really bad at it....not the enjoying of it
but in the planning and packing for it.
So, for those of you who haven't gotten
much practice at camping and
tend to forget the essentials, I came up
with a few pointers for entertainment and

Take lots of really lame pictures.
Crank Coldplay in your car and engage in

some awesome interpretive dancing, which will

result in the guy across the way asking you to turn

down the devil music.

Use a hunting knife instead of a can opener,
since you forgot to pack one.
Crawl through the brush and pick marshmallow

roasting sticks that you can carve with the

aforementioned hunting knife

Climb trees for entertainment

Take hippie, tree-hugging portraits

Eat pinecones when you're hungry

Take more ridiculous pictures
Go for long walks into the sunset.... While drinking coffee that was
made over a pathetic fire
since we forgot propane for
our stove

Bribe the camp host into letting

you have some of his propane stash so you

can cook over a real stove

Go for nature hikes

Read about where all of the elk used

to live

and participate in some more interpretive

dancing (see sign)


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Wow...looks like some good old girl time fun!!

Tristan said...

I think that wherever Kelsi goes, she has to climb a tree like that. I have a replica of that picture from Hawaii. Maybe she's just crazy. And I guess Mal's still a hippie. Awesome!

Neal and Kristy said...

Didn't I teach you anything while growing up in the Cross Camping mode??? I have failed misserably. However, the camping "knife-opener" was a good effort.
Love you girls,