Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coffee Shop Planning

So, most of you probably know that I'm in the process of starting up a coffee shop with my family. I will be running the place as soon as it opens, but getting a business going takes a ridiculous amount of hard work and planning. We not only have construction issues to deal with, but city codes, decorating, menu choices and so much more. I'm a bit overwhelmed and was hoping for some ideas.

I know that many of you have managed shops or in some way, worked in coffee and I would love any advice you could throw my way. ie: most profitable hours of operation; menus; promotional ideas; unique ways to set us apart; cleaning lists (Jenna, this has your name all over it)
Here are some pictures of the place. We spent the winter doing the inside but as you can see, the outside needs a little lovin. It gets painted this week and the yard is currently tore up and ready for pavers to be installed.
Don't worry, the color is changing!

Venitian plaster walls: I love these

but they look way better in person


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Are you going to have wireless...

Jim and Brea said...

We will definitely have wireless!

Tristan said...

Hey! This is the first time that I've got to see the trim painted and the wood floor finished. Every time that I've been in town, it's all been covered up for paint or something. The place looks great. should sell coffee. That's all I've got.