Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Coffee & Tea Training/Tasting Day

Now that we're getting down to the last
few weeks until opening, we've been at the
coffee shop all day long working out all of our
last minute details. Today was insane!
We had 3 different coffee distributors come and
test out their products. We are going to use 2
different roasters, who are both local, organic
and produce AMAZING coffee! They were
kind enough to come and give us lessons
My mom's first ever pulled shot of espresso
Dad's our bar builder man/coffee tasting guinea pig
Kels made it over for training! Move home!!!
The first roaster....amazing coffee and
so much coffee knowledge, it was overwhelming
We had to set up our cafe with tables so we could all sit
So exciting...the setup will be a little different, but
this gives you an idea

Outside view....outdoor seating and pergola set up.

This picture doesn't even come close to doing it justice.

Here are some of our employees/friends who came

for the samplings.

Getting the coffee low down

The tea tasting corner....we are going to have

some amazing locally produced loose leaf teas!!

That's all for now....stay tuned for more updates!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

How exciting....

peteandjenn said...

This is all so exciting Brea! Can't wait to come see it!

The Bains said...

Oh Brea, that looks amazing! I am so proud of you and so pumped that you get to have YOUR OWN cafe. What a blessing...

Can't wait to visit One Street Down Cafe :-)

P.S. You can't have your sister. We like her too much over here!

Tristan said...

Jealousy pours forth from the faraway land of Florida. I can't believe how far the place has come since I was there. It makes me so excited and so sad all at the same time. And none of you can have kels because we're going to steal her. That's right suckas!

Jim and Brea said...

Wow, Kelsi should feel pretty good about herself....Kels, are you reading my blog? You're awesome!!! And, you're moving back to Central Oregon.

The Hurts said...

fun fun fun! i want to come over and taste your coffee!!