Saturday, July 25, 2009


This is my new address. Please write LARGE and clear. Everything needs to be exactly as you see it here or it may not get to me. And I really do mean as large as you can. As stated below, I have had a craving for Spicy V8 and I have been doing a little working out so protein is always good. Kristy, if you have any One Apple downs left over I could eat those for you. Honestly just anything that anyone wants to send would be awesome. I really appreciated everything in Georgia. You guys are all great friends and family and I am very lucky to have so much support. If you didn't see, there is a small post below that explains a little bit about my current situation. I am safe, happy, and being treated well, and will be happy to see all of you again soon.

Love Jim

PS(This is not me asking for things as much as giving ideas for those of you who have asked. Please do not feel like you have to send anything. However, it does make me look cool to get lots of big boxes. Just kidding. )

Sergeant James Wesley Roe IV
Public Affairs NCO
1st SQD, 1st PLT, Building # 4237C
Bravo Company 2-162 Infantry
41st Brigade Combat Team
Task Force Volunteer
Camp Adder
APO AE 09331


Anonymous said...

JIMBO!!!! I am glad to hear you are doing well! We miss some pics! and V8?..really you!


The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

Wow thats an ADDRESS!