Saturday, July 25, 2009


So this is Jim and I am now in Iraq. I am in my little room and pretty much settled in. There are a couple gyms, a few different places to eat, and a couple stores to buy random things at. Right now everyone is trying to find mini refrigerators, TV's, microwaves, and other stuff for their rooms. The unit that just left from Texas has a lot of stuff that they are getting rid of, so you have to be fast. I have someone out looking for a fridge for me right now actually. I am at Camp Adder in the southern part of Iraq. It is part of Tallil Air Force Base. We are south of Baghdad, and west of Basra. It is rather warm here. When we got here yesterday we decided to go eat. Bad idea. By the time we got there we were covered in sweat. Pretty lame for just going to eat. Anyway, I just thought I would try to fill anyone in that was interested. I will try to get some pictures up, but you can't just go snappin pictures willy nilly here. You can only take pictures of certain things. I will put the address on here within a couple days and then everyone can send me Spicy V8 and Whey Protein. :-)

Thanks all, and I will try to stay current.



The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

JIMMY! Looking forward to pictures!

Neal and Kristy said...

Jimbo, I will have to try and make the appledowns to last the trip. The last time I tried mailing to Neal over there it ended up resembling a rock! I will keep watching your posts and praying for your quick trip home. We miss you terribly around here, even as ornery as you are! Love you Jim,