Thursday, April 28, 2011

Annabelle and Evelyn

 Alright everyone! Here's the story......
Some of you may already know but last Tuesday,
I went in for an ultrasound and was told that my cervix
was less than a cm in length, which meant my babies
wanted to come early.  I was told by the tech that an
ambulance was on its way to come get me and take me
to the Bend hospital.  I thought this a bit extreme, and
apparently my doctor did too because he called a few
minutes later to tell me that our personal vehicle would
suffice but we did need to head straight for the hospital.
I was then hooked up to all sorts of monitors and told
that I would be there until the babies came, which wouldn't
be long.  I held out a week, which was one more
week the girls could be incubated and I think that
even my doctor was surprised that I made it that long.
Bedrest is not fun, but somehow, when your children's
health is at stake, you can do anything!

I had so many family members and friends visit me
and bring me sources of entertainment, for which I was
so grateful! Here I am, after the nurse found out that I was
at 5 cm dilated and we would be having babies soon......doing Sudoku

The entire week I was given a medication to slow
contractions, but I was still having them pretty frequently.
The weird thing was I couldn't feel anything.  Finally, my doc
wanted to know if I had progressed at all and that's when they
discovered that I had progressed quite far
without feeling any pain!!
Heather making an angry face because apparently my body
thought getting to a 5 was no big deal! She suffered a lot
7 weeks ago to get to that point!

But this is what she got 7 weeks ago, a sweet Dahlia.
My mom and dad came up as soon as they heard that it was time
for their 2 little granddaughters to make their debut.

Jim thought it was funny that I was just chilling,
waiting for babies.  I found out a couple of days in
to my stay that because the babies were little, my doctor
would be doing a C-section.  Even though baby A was
head down, he didn't want to turn baby B because she
was too fragile.  This ended up being the biggest blessing
ever because baby B had her cord wrapped around her neck
and if I had tried to deliver her, it would have been an
emergency C-section, which is much worse than one
that everyone is prepared for!

Jim thought he was good to go to work on Tuesday
since I wasn't in any kind of pain so when he got the call
that we were going to be having babies VERY soon, he headed
straight to the hospital, wearing his romeos and covered in sawdust.
His work shoes looked pretty incredible with the doctor scrubs!

Jim was the only one allowed to watch my surgery.
I didn't think it would be something that he would want to
watch, but he couldn't tear his eyes away.  It' pretty incredible
how much they've perfected this procedure.

Look how excited he is!  My doctor is the guy on the right.
He was incredible, very competent and very calming for me.
He chatted with me throughout the procedure to make sure
I was comfortable.  The many people in the background are
awaiting the arrival of the girls so they can sweep them away.
Here's our little Annabelle! Jim made sure I was ok and
then followed the NICU team with our babies

Annabelle getting her vitals checked and being hooked
up to IVs.  We were prepared for how quick this
process might be and therefore, neither of us felt
alarmed that 10 people were around our babies hooking
them up to different machines.  They do this sort of thing
all the time!

Jim got to cut little Evelyn's cord but Annabelle had
already been taken to the NICU

This is little Evelyn soon after she was born!

Here's the team of nurses and doctors assigned to our babies
transporting them to the NICU

These are the beds in the NICU that each
of the girls stay in.  Pretty high tech!

Here's our Annabelle! If I didn't know better
I'd swear she was a little black baby:)

Daddy checking on Evelyn....can you tell
that he's a little excited to be a dad?:)

This looks a little sad, but it was only at the beginning.
They're not even hooked up to any oxygen anymore!!

Our sweet baby girl

This is when a parent would freak out if they didn't
know it was standard procedure! I feel extremely
confident with the NICU staff that they know exactly
what needs to be done for our girls

I was so so tired after the surgery, but they wheeled my
massive bed down to the NICU to allow me to visit
my daughters for the first time!

They're really big on touch and want the parents to
touch the babies and talk to them as much as possible!

Little Evelyn grabbed ahold of my finger and it
was so very special!

Two proud (and very tired) parents!
Jim's big hand makes them look so tiny!

Officially Introducing.........

Evelyn Grace Roe
Born April 26, 2011 at 4:53 pm
Weight: 3lb 14 oz
Length: 17 1/4 in.

Annabelle Claire Roe
Born: April 26, 2011 at 4:52 pm
Weight:  4lb 3 oz
Length:  17 1/4 in.


Neal and Kristy said...

Welcome to the world little Anna and Evey!!!! You are beautiful!!!! We are all excited for all the adventures ahead. What a true, true blessing. XOXOXOXO
We love you little ones,
Poppi and Kiki

Grant, Amy, and Caleb said...

I LOVED meeting your girls today. Grant and I can't stop talking about them! They are beautiful and Caleb can't wait to play with them very soon. So fun to share a bday with your little sweeties.

The Kirkbrides said...

Congratulations!! What beautiful girls and such pretty names! So happy to hear that everyone is doing so well. Congratulations again, enjoy your little girls!!

Jacqueline A. said...

Such beautiful babies! And beautiful names! I can't wait to meet them this summer. Fiona's super excited to have some cousins to play with! :)

Stephanie said...

Oh Breanne and Jim! Beautiful babies! You two look pretty darn good yourselves. Congratulations!!!!

Jenna said...

thank you so much for the thorough update...i havehad 100questions and your awesome post brought it down to 50 :)as always you sound extremely calm. cant wait to meet them. great job mama. i cant believe they are really here! you and jim are a family of 4!!!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful girls you two have, no small wonder though, they came from amazing and beautiful parents!! Thank you for sharing great pictures and information. P.R. and I feel like we were right there with all of you. Congratulations!!! We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Such an informative post....can't believe you had the energy to get it all down so soon. Can't wait to meet the little A&E. Cute!

Abby said...

I'm tearing up reading all your posts. THANK you for sharing :-) A million congratulations to two awesome parents. We cant wait to meet them!!!

Kylie said...

Congrats on your beautiful baby girls!!