Monday, April 4, 2011

Well here I am....almost 30 weeks!
Sorry for the lack of pictures....I've been
pretty bad about that.
Here's the bare tummy...
Sorry for the cell phone quality pictures.
Whenever I get the urge, I'm by myself:)
Whenever I get to thinking that I'm really uncomfortable
carrying around 2 other people, I look to pictures like
these and think, "wow, I'm lucky!"
Sorry random lady for using you as an example!
Here's what's happening inside right now!
The girls have been crazy active, kicking all the time.
I'll look down at my stomach and watch the entire thing
move like there's an alien inside me.  So weird!!

At 30 weeks, many twins' lungs are fully developed.
They each weigh over 3 pounds and are 15 or so inches long!
They are able to open and shut their eyes!
They can recognize our voices, which is pretty crazy.

As far as I go, good sleep is hard to come by.
Breathing in general is REALLY hard
Lots of heartburn (which they say means babies will have a full
head of hair....surprising with me as their mom, I know)
My immune system is not what it used to be.....I basically
get every sickness that blows through!
However, I'm excited to be a mom and Jim absolutely can not
wait to be a dad!  Judging by how often he holds his newborn
niece, Dahlia, he's going to be eagerly helping me with ours!
We are so very blessed to be welcoming 2 new members
to our family very soon!
Speaking goal is to make it to May 2nd, which
puts me at 34 weeks or so and the day my sister flies in from
England.  She's coming home for her nieces births, so I
need to keep them in until then!


Abby Bain said...

You are one gorgeous mama!!! Can't wait to meet them :-) Hang in there!

Jacqueline said...

Brea you look absolutely amazing!! And I'm not just saying that... you ACTUALLY look amazing!! Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I'll be praying you can make it four more weeks without too much discomfort :) I can't wait to meet the girls!

Andando said...

Hi Bre,
Mother of 31 year old twins Alison and Beka(Dorr). First of all, you look so good! I think I was about twice that size at 30 weeks- and didn't need to be...
and I just wanted to tell you that having twins has been one of the best and most special blessings of our lives.
Two tips, accept any help offered and sleep whenever you can, anywhere, anytime.
And I know it's a bit premature for this conversation.. but we went on to have two single babies after our twins. And having just one baby at a time after having two was SO much fun!
Thinking about you and praying for you.

Jim and Brea said...

Thank you all! Fiona, thanks for the's really helpful, since this will be a new endeavor for us! I'm so excited to meet the girls and we're planning on having at least one more after this round so I imagine that will feel easy after doing 2 at once:)