Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NW Epilepsy Run

Last weekend, the family got together
and did a 5K run/walk for epilepsy
in Portland!

Our team was called Brandon's Race to the Top
and we were pretty stinkin awesome!!
We were the only team that had a sign:)
It was pretty cool during the run seeing this
sign poking up above the crowd!
Lily rode with us and took care of the girls when they
started to fuss!  Lily is a great big sister/cousin

Heather adding a was cold!!

Dahlia was all bundled up! Not a peep the entire race

Little Evie didn't seem to mind the weather either

Wesley ran like a champ!

Oh, and did I mention that my husband wore
tight cutoffs, high socks and Step n' Tones, which
are the off brand of shape ups?!!

Sorry for the sideways picture, but you get
the idea!!

To see how he started off the race, click here
Here we are in all our glory!

Me and my girls!

Here's the gang!! And this was only a small
fraction of our whole team!

Maggie ran the entire 3.1 miles!! I was
so impressed, especially since her little
legs had to work 3 times as hard as the
rest of us!

Annabelle looks grumpy!!

Lily was my running buddy! We stuck together
the entire race.  She kept telling me how much
she could feel her muscles and her bones
getting stronger!!

We were drowned rats by the end....stinking rain!

Here are the onesies Glenda made
for the babies!  They were so cute
and had a wonderful picture of Brandon
on them!


The Kirkbrides said...

How fun! The girls are adorable, what good running buddies!