Saturday, July 9, 2011

2 months and counting!

It has been a while! And when you have
2 babies growing like crazy, a couple weeks
is way too long without an update!

The girls are doing great!!  Jim and I are
absolutely loving this! You always hear 
people say that kids grow up so fast, and
now I understand it.  We are overwhelmed
by Evelyn and Annabelle every day!
They've started smiling and cooing back at
us now and it's so much fun!
At their last checkup, Annabelle was 8 lbs
and Evelyn was 9 lbs!!!  They're gaining a pound
a week.  Preemies are supposed to gain approximately
4 ounces a week, so I think we're on track!

Annabelle is our kid that requires a lot of affection!
She loves being held and I needed to cook dinner last
night, so this was the solution we came up with!

She loved playing pool with Dad and when I came
out to check on her, she was sound asleep, dangling
from his chest:)

Here's the official 2 month picture!
They're 2 very different little girls!!

They posed so nice for mom!

The girls are getting lots of love from their
grandma, who can't go a day without seeing them!

One of my cafe customers, a 92 year old man brought in a gift
for the girls, a hat and pair of booties that were made by his mother
117 years earlier!  I had to take pictures with was
just too precious!  He was sad he had only one set for me.
Such a sweet man!
Here's Evelyn in her antique christening outfit!

Getting Annabelle dressed! She was so happy!

So pretty in lace!

The only time they look like sisters is when you
cover up Annabelle's black hair!

They love hanging out already!
Annabelle is doing her best to catch up to her sis!

Annabelle, another photo shoot with mom!

And Evelyn, the tongue permanently out of her mouth:)

They're such good models for me!
The world's cutest book ends!!

That's all for now! I'll keep it coming.


The Kirkbrides said...

They are so cute!! What beautiful little girls! Isn't it crazy how quickly they grow?!? We will have to come meet them at Christmas!

Grant, Amy, and Caleb said...

They are so big!! Good job momma!!!! Lets get together soon... we miss you guys!

Jim and Brea said...

Amy, Grant and I talked about doing dinner this week! We'd love to have you guys over so let me know a night that works for you!