Thursday, January 5, 2012

8 month Pictures!

Hard to believe our little 4 pound babies are 
8 months old!! It has been a bit of a blur, but
what an amazing 8 months it has been!!
How could these ladies not light up your life??

It's hard to say which one is happier! 

Our Evelyn is becoming such a big girl!
She is SO close to being able to crawl forward.
She's mastered crawling backwards, and it
seems to suit her just fine, until she gets stuck
up against a couch or a wall!

Annabelle recently decided she likes rolling
in every direction in order to get where she
wants, and she does it fast!! My living room
has recently been restructured because of
this mobility! She is recovering from her
first ear infection:( It was a sad few days, but
with help from some antibiotics, she's a new girl!

Evie loves eating absolutely anything, bath time or
pool time, smiling, laughing, crawling,
chattering, listening to daddy play music,
and beating toys senseless into the carpet!

Annabelle also will eat anything I put in front of her.
She loves the taste of her medicine and gets frustrated 
when it's all gone. She loves playing in the water,
squealing with delight, sometimes vey loudly.
She loves listening to daddy play music,
and she loves blowing spit bubbles! 
Oh....and chewing on her tights:)