Monday, January 2, 2012

Babies' First Christmas!!

The day after we got back from Florida, we headed
over the  mountain for the Roe Family Christmas!

The girls had a wonderful time at their first Christmas!

Magnolia being cute!

And now she's being a little too cool!

Aunt Leslie has the magic touch!

Grandpa Jim reading the Christmas story

Uncle Frank and Evie

Santa came by for a visit!

Evie wanted to know who the guy was
holding her!

And Annabelle didn't bother waking up
for his visit!

Evelyn opened most of her own presents!
The wrapping paper and bows were a hit

Her new baby doll got a lot of use

Evie took her new teddy bear and used it
and grandpa's foot as a cute!

Annabelle went to town on her presents too!

Jim got a roadside kit from the Heidricks! Oh boy

Annabelle loved her little pillow pal from
Grandma and Grandpa!

A very content Evelyn

Daddy and Onnie

More wrapping paper!

While we ate dinner, we put the girls
in boxes.....not sure who had the idea
but they absolutely loved it!

They each got their own:)

Oh boy!! Can I go for a ride?

Lily wanted to join in on the fun!

Christmas morning with the cousins!!
We got the best Christmas present of all......

Heather and Jeff announced that there will
be one more cousin joining us in July!