Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 months!!

Our beautiful ladies are 10 months old!!
They have changed so much over the
past much personality
coming out!  They are such an incredible
blessing. Every day is better than the last.

Annabelle crawls everywhere,
but not traditional crawling.....more like
army crawling
Annabelle has also become quite possibly
the happiest girl ever.  She squeals with
delight over nearly everything, and kicks 
her arms and her legs with excitement!

Getting them both to sit still without
hitting each other or crawling away
was pretty tricky!

Evelyn has had a busy month.
She claps, says hi and Mama, crawls,
and is now pulling herself up into standing position

See......I'm a big girl!

Both girls were very excited to get Kiki
and Poppy back from Australia.  2 weeks
was way too long!  


Neal and Kristy said...

I love you girls so so so much

Grant, Amy, and Caleb said...

Yay for 10-months! Sooooo cute!