Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The joy of twins!

Most of my posts are updates on the girls, but I realized
that I rarely share what it's like to have twins! The past 10
months have been the most amazing adventure that I have
ever embarked on, but I forget sometimes that having
2 kids at the same time isn't normal! People always say
"Double Trouble," and while there are hard moments,
I don't view it that way.  Here are a few reasons why
having 2 at a time is actually pretty nice!

People have a hard time remembering when their kids
first crawled or walked or got teeth, but I have a constant
comparison right in front of me.  They often do things 
around the same time.  I also think that when they see
each other getting into things that they aren't able to,
they figure out how to stand up real quick to catch 
up with their sister!

The tricky things are the things you would expect,
like getting 2 kids to sleep through the night.  We're
still working on that.  Evelyn sleeps 12 hours and
Annabelle sleeps 4 or 5 hour stretches. 
Oh, and there's double the diaper-changes, double
the feedings, double the sicknesses (they always share these)
but the bottom line is truly DOUBLE THE JOY!
Jim and I absolutely love having twins! These girls have
changed our lives for the better and we'd never go back!

Here is Annabelle's awesome stepping abilities.
She really goes  for it!! Both girls are crawling 
and standing themselves up on furniture.

Jim has joked for months about Evelyn being our 
softball player and Annabelle playing classical music
or something.  Looks like Evie wants to impress Dad!
Here's another beautiful thing about twins! Your 
kid has a constant companion! When I just want to
relax with a glass of wine on the couch, I can, because
the girls love to play together!  They are just getting 
out of the smacking each other in the head stage
so it's relatively safe now!

So this is where the "Double Trouble" thing
comes from.  As I'm posting this, the girls
decide to open my everything drawer and
go nuts! I have learned that when all is quiet,
all is not well!

They're best friends! How cool is it that
they get to go through all the same stages
in life together??


Grant, Amy, and Caleb said...

Such little cutie pies!! Thanks for the update! :)

Neal and Kristy said... heart! Love those little babes!