Wednesday, April 4, 2012

11 months!

As you can imagine, taking these pictures
is getting increasingly harder! The girls
won't sit still for 2 seconds anymore and
they get mad when I try to make them!

Little miss Annabelle is a joyful little lady!
Always in a good mood, unless she has the flu,
which she got twice in a month, poor little thing!
She just got her first tooth!
She is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up
and walking along furniture.  She loves playing
peekaboo, and gets genuinely excited when
she sees her sissy each morning!

Evelyn is into EVERYTHING!
She is constantly moving, and is usually the twin
that discovers the new thing, and then Annabelle comes
over to check it out too! She loves to talk.  She says "Hi"
all the time.  She looks at you with this cute little face and
says "Hi"  Hi dada, hi sissy, hi kitty and we're working on
Hi mama, of course:) She only says my name if she's sad.
She has 2 teeth and is such a delight!

There's that cute little face I told you about!
And her joyful demeanor!

Some little hair things I made.
Had to capture it before she ripped it out:)
Let's face it, babies don't tend to leave
things on their heads, but I still waste my
time making them!