Friday, April 13, 2012

More baby adventures!

We recently decided that we live in one of
the most beautiful places, and rarely take
advantage of it, so we're going to start
hiking around Central Oregon and checking
off our adventures!

Hiking Club-Week 1: Smith Rock!
It wore miss Annabelle out!

Having these packs makes it nice with babies,
and they love being carried like this!

This is a normal occurrence now.....finding my
kids exploring places they probably shouldn't!

A couple pics from Easter.
We had a great time at my parents
The girls entertained us all!

Evie playing us all a lovely Easter song!

Annabelle is such a joyful little lady

And we all know this one is too:)
Look at her new chompers!


Grant, Amy, and Caleb said...

Soooo cute! Good thing they will now have TWO Ludwick boys to fight over! :)