Monday, September 15, 2008

Family time

Here are a few random pictures from our
weekend. We had a family barbeque at Jim's
parents and we got the whole gang together.
It was a relaxing day around the pool

I think the big kids liked the pool more than the little kids

Jim with all of his nieces and nephews

Man, the family is definitely growing....time for

us to make some babies of our own:)


Stephen & Kelly said...

Gee thanks Jim! You just can't see the fanny pack in the pictures, but its there, don't you worry!

JW's said...

Hey guy's it was good seeing you this last weekend at Phil and Jenna's! Next time I'll be funner, I promise.

Jim and Brea said...

Whit, you were fun! And extremely entertaining:) It was great seeing you guys!