Sunday, September 28, 2008

More babies, but this time it was all Jim

Jim and I got to babysit one of my friend's kids
last night and it was so much fun. Jim was
amazing with these kids, who were about
as easy as kids can get. When the little guy,
Caden had a hard time going to sleep, Jim rocked
him to sleep on his chest.
Pretty sure we've got a good future dad in our midst!They weren't sure how they felt about us at
the beginning but it didn't take long
Caden loved the golf balls

We helped them with their soccer skills
The boys watching football
This is how he finally fell asleep :)
Kylie was such an adorable, sweet girl!


Neal and Kristy said...

Okay, You two are going to make great parents. Are all these baby pics a set up or are you just trying to make me go crazy while I wait to be a grandma??? You 2 are awesome! Love you
Mom (KIKI)

peteandjenn said...

So cute! Jim sleeping with the little boy on his chest. Awwww

Hailey said...

Ohhh these pictures are adorable. Thanks again for giving me a night off :)!!

Jim and Brea said...

Anytime Hailey....let me know if you EVER need us again. And Jim wants you to know that he was the one who suggested that we do it again:) We love your kids,